• We offer full recruitment process, we bring you candidates ready to start working

  • We offer jobseekers from the Balkan countries, mainly from Albania, who have the right qualifications and motivation to live and work in Germany

  • We recruit and analyze candidates in a professional way to find the right employees at the shortest time possible

  • We screen and interview candidates in several stages to find the perfect fit

  • We bring to you only candidates who meet your requirements and with the right experience

  • Candidates for long-term or short-term employment

About us

MADAS GmbH is a consulting company established in Germany in 2017. Our focus is to create a bridge between German companies and professionals and craftsmen from the Balkan countries! We connect workforce from the Balkans with German companies nationwide in the fields of medicine, construction, logistics and more!

If you need employees for your vacant positions, we are your partner at every step. We bring qualified individuals in different fields, where the local market is most in need.

The candidates are selected professionally and in detail in order to meet companies’ specific job requirements. On the other hand, we make the candidates’ journey easier and we advise on everything from the moment of contact until contract signing and everything in between.

Ready to hire your next employee for your company with us? Need more information?